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Shafiqul Islam Jibon : Study, get work permit and Citizenship in Russia with Global Study Consultancy. Monologue about the prospects of work and life in Russia for foreigners. In mid-May this year, Russian newspapers and online media published information that the United Nations predicted a reduction in the population of Russia by 2050 to 132 million people.

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Shafiqul Islam Jibon, CEO & Lead Consultant at Global Study Consultancy, Dhaka, Bangladesh

This means that the country’s population will be reduced by almost 20 million people. 110.6 million Russians (74.4% of the population) will live in cities by 2050, 22.1 million in rural areas. Out of 193 countries in the world, Russia ranks 180th in terms of population density per 1 km2: 8 people.
For comparison:
India – 361 people per 1 km2 (18th place)
Pakistan – 212 people per 1 km2 (37th place)
Nepal-203 people per 1 km2 (39th place)
Nigeria – 171 people per 1 km2 (48th place)
China – 140 people per 1 km2 (55th place)
Malaysia – 88 people per 1 km2 (86th place)
The population is extremely unevenly distributed: 68.3% of Russians live in the European part of Russia, which makes up 20.82% of the territory. The density of the population of European Russia is 27 people / km², and the Asian population is 3 people / km². The urban population is 74.27% (2017).
These boring figures are very important for understanding what is happening in the Russian Federation. The following occurs. The Russian government is aware of the scale of the demographic problem and in recent years has taken serious measures to change the situation.
For several years, the migration legislation of the Russian Federation has become increasingly liberal. New opportunities for foreigners are opening up. For the last 5 years since the beginning of the project “Education, work, citizenship in Russia” the following amendments to the laws have been adopted: foreign students are allowed to work in their free time without restrictions on hours, foreign citizens have the right to serve in the Armed Forces of Russia under a contract, for foreign holders of Russian diplomas (72 deficit professions and specialties) provides for a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship.
Many partners from Asia and Africa ask me: What is so interesting about the citizenship of Russia? Is it better than a US green card or a residence permit in the European Union? I answer: No. Not better. The citizenship of Russia for those who want to build their lives in their new homeland and on their land.
Yes. It’s on your own land. Since February 1, 2017, every citizen of Russia can receive free of charge 1 hectare of land in the Far East for the development of personal economy, the construction of personal housing. The “Far Eastern hectare” program grants every citizen of Russia the right to receive a land plot with an area of up to 1 hectare free of charge. Registration of the site is free of charge, without contact with officials, via the Internet from anywhere in the world with the help of the Federal Information System “НаДальнийВосток.рф”.
Information can be obtained here:

The main site of the project “Far Eastern hectare” is made exclusively in Russian, but who is interested, you can make a translation using Google translator. On May 18, 2018, under the “Far Eastern Hectare” program, Russian citizens received 47 thousand 954 hectares of land. The state supports new landowners. Each region of the Far East forms its own benefits. For example, Primorsky Territory offers:
1. Grant “Beginner Farmer” – from 1.5-3 million rubles for the creation and development of the peasant (farm) economy and a one-time help on a household appliance to beginning farmers
2. Grant “Development of family livestock farms” – for implementation project on the development of poultry, rabbits and pant reindeer herding – up to 10 million rubles, in the direction of development dairy farming – up to 30 million rubles
3. Reimbursement of a part of the costs of paying interest to agricultural producers (with the exception of citizens leading personal subsidiary farming), agricultural consumer cooperatives and peasant (farmer) farms
4. Grants for the development of agricultural consumer cooperatives
5. Reimbursement of a part of expenses received in the reporting year, including in leasing, agricultural machinery, equipment and breeding cattle
6. Lending to small and medium-sized businesses for the product of SME Bank JSC -“Far Eastern hectare” for small and medium-sized enterprises entrepreneurship: to replenish working capital for a period of up to 3 years at a rate of 8.9% per annum; for investments of up to 7 years at a rate of from 8.9%, in the amount of 3-25 million rubles.
7. Quotas for logging for Individual Housing Construction – up to 100 cubes of wood, every 25 years
Concluding the story about the project “Far East hectare”, I inform you that 140,000,000 hectares of land are now free!
But what if the young specialist, for example a doctor who has obtained Russian citizenship, does not want to go to the Far East?
A young doctor can go to work in the countryside and become a participant in the federal program “Zemsky Doctor”.
“The Zemsky Doctor” program is enshrined in Federal Law of 01.12.2012 N 213-FZ. It is designed to help stabilize the situation with a shortage of cadres in the field of medicine in rural areas.
The Federal Program should encourage young health professionals to work in rural areas. According to the provisions of this program, every health professional has every right to use this program and get not only stable work and good wages, but also housing and financial assistance in the amount of 1 million rubles as “lifting”.
For today the program “Zemsky Doctor” operates in the following areas: Moscow region; Kaliningrad region; Smolensk region; Irkutsk region; Tomsk region; Krasnodar region; The Volgograd region.
It is worth noting that these are not all regions, since all new ones are constantly connected to this program, which have a shortage of qualified medical personnel in the villages.
And this is not the last good news for young doctors.
According to the Federal Law No. 326, young doctors who decided to move to rural areas for the purpose of carrying out their work activity have the right to expect a compensation payment of 1 million rubles to purchase housing or improve housing conditions. Total 2 million rubles or 32000 US dollars.
In addition to financial support, the state under this program guarantees: free accommodation for housing; free allocation of land for the construction of your own house; compensation for a certain part of the loan taken for the acquisition of housing.
In addition to these two programs, you can talk a lot about the “Mother’s Capital” program, the benefits of service in the Russian army under the contract and many other federal and regional programs. They are really a lot. These are programs for those who want to live and work in Russia, to develop their business in Russia, who see their future in Russia.
However, Global Study Consultancy is working as agent of many potential universities, colleges and professional bodies in most developed countries including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Estonia, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Hungary, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, etc. Global Study Consultancy is also helping students with the admission and visa support to study in other countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Philippine, Thailand, China, India, etc. Even if any international student like to come in Bangladesh for their higher studies, we can provide all the required supports.
However, if you like to visit our office, you are always welcome to meet with us so that you can get more ideas about the working procedures of Global Study Consultancy. In that case, we prefer to make an appointment before come so that you could feel convenient and comfort to discuss with us regarding your overseas admission and student visa procedures.
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