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Shafiqul Islam Jibon: Study abroad in 4 easy steps with Global Study Consultancy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are providing the best consultancy service to students, who are looking for the opportunity to study abroad with easiest process. Global Study Consultancy follows 4 easy step by step guide to students, so that they can smoothly process their overseas university admission and visa from Bangladesh or else where of the world.

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Shafiqul Islam Jibon, CEO & Lead Consultant at Global Study Consultancy, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Step-1: Fix your mind about the educational consultant: 
In the first step, it is important to fix up mind about the educational consultant whom you can rely for the whole process of your planing to study abroad. It is more important to fix up your mind about the consultants as there are many consulting firm or agencies are working for the same service. You should carefully choose the best educational consultant who can provide you and honest and transparent counseling service. You should not talk with many consultants before finalizing the one whom you are going to appoint for your process. If you talk with all type of consultants, you could be confused and miss guided by some unskilled or so called consultants. So, it is very important to make some search and study about the consultants before you make such appointments. Most consultants have the websites and marketing strategy to promote their service to public. So you can study and get primary ideas about consultants on their websites. Like Global Study Consultancy have two websites, which are: or 
Please note: Global Study Consultancy never put advertisements on newspapers or electronic media. We also do not hang banners or posters, distribute flyers or brochures, etc. You will never see any information about the Global Study Consultancy in public place. But we are using many internet based social networking tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc to pass our information to potential students. Our Facebook page is:
Step-2: Get help with the selection of university and courses:
Once you have selected your consultant to get support for the procedures to study abroad. You need to finalize your selection of the universities and courses you want to study. Global Study Consultancy has collaboration with many reputed universities around the world. For the selection process, first we want to hear about your choice and the reason to select any particular country. Suppose, if you have any relative or any other reason that you do not have other choice than the country you selected, we will prefer to assist you with the procedures in that country. We will also check if you are ready with the requirements to get admission and visa to that country, and we will guide how to be well prepared for the procedures. If we see that now you are ready with the process, we will apply for your admission. We also also fix the courses for your studying considering your previous education and knowledge, choice and future plan.
Step-3: Get help with the admission
Global Study Consultancy will do everything for the application and admission procedures to the universities you have selected. We will collect all the required documents from your side for admission. We will help how to write a good motivational letter or statement of purpose or personal statement etc, how to arrange the recommendation or reference letters if required, in some cases we can give the drafts for these documents, sharing ideas about the research proposal for PhD students, etc.
Step-3: Get help for visa
Once everything is complete with the universities, that mean you received the acceptance or final offer letter to study, you may need to apply for visa. In this step, we will make the check list of required documents for your visa application to the respective embassies or immigration department. The check list always depends on case to case basis as every student have different circumstances and they come from different socio-economic back ground. So the documents quality and the volume of the supporting papers including the financial documents should be always fixed up with student’s family and personal condition. We take this matter into serious review so that a student can get proper counseling support for the visa application materials. If there is possibility to take any interview by visa officer, we will guide about the possible questions and answers between the visa officer and student. We try to improve the confidence level of student at this stage as it is the vital part of the study abroad step of a student. We try to find out some leadership quality and guide the student how to demonstrate this through the documentations and personal presentation to the visa officers.
Step-4: Get help for accommodation and travel
You have obtained the visa. So now almost you have finally entered into the last part to fulfill your dream to study abroad. After the consultation with you or family, we will assist to arrange your accommodation at the university dormitory or in private house as your choice so that you will not get in trouble after arrival in the foreign country. If you have relatives, friends or someone is going to arrange your accommodation, they can do so and we will settle it with the universities if required. In this step, you also need to confirm your air ticket to travel and you need to give us the details if you want us to arrange someone to receive you from the respective airport. However, this step is totally optional and you can arrange these things of your own for the accommodation or airport pick up, but you should share the details with us so that we can be aware of your trip plan. It is also required by the university for your induction or registration for classes, getting ID cards, classes routine, open a bank account, etc. In this step, we will give you basic tips about the immigration formalities that you need to follow for the departing and arriving airports.
If you are really a serious student to study abroad, just come to us and let us discover the best of you so that we can guide and help with the admission and visa procedures within your range.
Global Study Consultancy is located at the same building of Advanced Melinda with AB Bank Malibagh Branch in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There is also another bank on the first floor, which is the Social Islami Bank Ltd. The AB Bank Ltd located on the ground floor and we are just situated on the second floor of the sophisticated building developed by the Advanced Technologies Ltd.
So, it is very convenient for any student and parents to find us in this prime location of Dhaka city of Bangladesh. There are also two famous markets which are the Mouchak Market and the Fortune Shopping mall just in few yards of our 16 storied office building. Postal Address of the Global Study Consultancy is Advanced Melinda (Level-2), 72 Malibagh, DIT Road, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh.
Global Study Consultancy is ready to help you with all the procedures for admission, visa, accommodation, airport pick-up, etc from Bangladesh or else where of the world. We can also help with the guidance for part time job, dependent or spouse visa, changing the university or program of studying, extending of visa, permanent residency, settlement, etc. It does not matter if you are student from Bangladesh or else where, the Global Study Consultancy can help with all the procedures to study abroad.
Global Study Consultancy is working as agent or representative of many public and private universities around the world. Most of the potential countries we work are the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Fiji, etc. We also work for Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Cyprus, etc.
If you want to study abroad with the best educational consultancy agency in Bangladesh, contact with the Global Study Consultancy now. To know more about the Global Study Consultancy, please visit it’s websites:

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