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Global Study Consultancy is Moving to Advanced Melinda




Shafiqul Islam Jibon: There is a big drive in Global Study Consultancy. It has found its suitable nest into the #Advanced_Melinda at 72 Malibagh, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh, where we are moving shortly. We will be there as our permanent headquarter to operate our service for students, who are looking for the best and honest education consultancy agency to study abroad from Bangladesh.

Advanced Melinda is located in one of the prime locations in Dhaka city, which is very convenient to high streets, transportation's and others as the students and parents can easily visit us during the office time. Hope they will feel more comfort and get confidence with us from the permanent office.

It is just above the AB Bank and the SIBL Bank on the 2nd floor of the luxury building. The building is also just in front of the Fortune Shopping Mall in Mouchak More of Dhaka city.

As we are buzzing the world from beginning of our operation that we are seriously committed to provide the best, honest and transparent counseling to students, it will enhance more ethical standard in our service from the new office.

Yes, I repeat we do not make any financial contract or deal with students. Every student or parent is not only financially safe with us, but also they can get the actual education counseling from us with improving their confidence and leadership skill.

Once a student come to us, we feel him/her it is just me and I need to be successful of myself in foreign education, career or visa out come. It is my sorrow and tears if I see a single drop of tears into student's eyes.

So, it is not matter of business or money. It does matter more than any interest or benefits from the students or parents in Global Study Consultancy. Similarly, I enjoy the heavenly reaction into students, once we see they are knocking our doors with some beautiful smile and love after our successful efforts into them.

Thus, with the full faith of all mighty god, we have come up into a leading position of student consultancy service in Bangladesh within just 3 years of time. Seems, we are like a kid, but not that kid as we are so strong to move forward with ethical muscles, honesty, transparency and supports from genuine students and parents. It will never be changed.

All of our students are the same and treated equally by us as per their needs. Students come to us from different families with different socio-economic background. But we know how to make them happy as we try to discover the actual needs of students. Many of our students come from the upper class of the society as they feel we can put some contribution in the success of their overseas education. Here is just an example that we are proud to assist Mr Shamun Ahmed for his admission to study in Naval Architecture at the Southampton University in the UK, who is the son of our 14th Chief of Bangladesh Navy Admiral Nizamuddin Ahmed. Should I not feel to be proud to become an education consultant in Bangladesh? Yes I am.

That is why the Global Study Consultancy is awaiting here www.gscl.com.bd or www.globalstudyconsultancy.com.bd to serve you the best education consultancy in Bangladesh. We want to stay in your hearts for longer and longer!